Version 16 Released
by jasonrohrerMonday, November 15, 2010 [1:21 pm]

This update contains several minor improvements, including in-game explanations about why a resource cannot be deleted and auto-cleanup of broken resource database entries that seem to be left behind by third-party editing tools.

Upgrading is recommended but not mandatory, since v16 is fully compatible with v15. Here is the full list of changes:

--Improved responsiveness of mouse and keyboard controls.

--More accurate frame timing for true 30 frames-per-second when possible.

--Enabled GL swap control to minimize visual tearing.

--Added auto-removal of bad search database entries when they are encountered.

--Changed to ignore duplicate search database entries.

--Added "used in" tool tip for resources that cannot be deleted due to usage.

Also: my new game is almost done, more information soon.