Version 15 Release Candidate
by jasonrohrerFriday, May 21, 2010 [6:34 pm]

A release candidate for v15 has been posted in the download area. As soon as I get confirmation that it is working properly for everyone, it will replace v14 as the current public version.

v15 contains a bunch of minor changes and fixes, plus a few important new features, including:
  • Extended ASCII for support of non-US characters (like )
  • Color palettes are now first-class resources with their own picker
  • A button for "holding" certain objects over across scene changes

The Extended ASCII font that's included is ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1), which covers characters used by Western-European languages. Type on your German or French keyboard---your character now speaks with the proper accent. For other character sets (such as Cyrillic), the font image file can be modified with the necessary characters.

The full list of changes is pasted below:

--Fixed crash when getting local address on certain platforms with certain
network setups (VPN).

--Fixed crash when scale reduced to zero tones.

--Added missing tool tip for Scene deletion.

--Improved build time by making dependency tracking modular.

--Added usage tracking to prevent accidental deletion of resources that are
being used by other resources (such as objects still used in some scenes).

--Fixed a Controller freeze triggered by a Player that previously ran in
Controller mode in the same session.

--Improved Unix source build scripts (thanks to Andy Sommerville).

--Window close button now functions properly in windowed mode (thanks to
Andy Sommerville).

--Fixed freeze on Player end when Controller sends a Song referencing parts
that have been deleted.

--Added Extended ASCII support for non-US accents and characters. Most
western-European languages should be supported by the included font image
(ISO/8859-1, Latin-1). Other languages (such as those that use Cyrillic)
can be used by modifying the font image.

--Added Color Palettes as first-class resources with their own Picker.

--Fixed many compile warnings thrown by certain versions of GCC.

--Fixed bug in rubber stamp tool when dealing with transparent areas.

--Improved appearance of grid in Room Editor.

--Improved grid lines in various pixel editors to reduce color distortions.

--Added a note about ESC key to menu screen.

--Can now use mouse, in addition to arrow keys, on menu screen.

--Shows port number on manual connection screen.

--New object position hints in room editor (helpful when placing wall flags
around objects).

--Added IP (and IP:port) command-line argument to auto-join a hosted game.

--Added memory of last set speech bubble position for each object, alleviating
the need to manually set speech bubble positions most of the time.

--Added tool tips for each tile in Room Editor grid.

--Added check for resouceCache write permissions.

--Added a button for holding certain objects across scene changes.

--Added a button for colorizing all pixels of a sprite or tile.

--CTRL-q can be used to quit (in addition to ESC).