Bugfix release 14b
by jasonrohrerFriday, April 23, 2010 [5:51 pm]

v14b was just posted. This release fixes several bugs and glitches that were discovered after the release of v14. If you had some trouble importing your v13 resourceCache, please try v14b. You can also now export Songs into resource packs. A full list of changes is posted below:

--Fixed import cache hang when a referenced resource does not exist.

--Fixed line endings in stringDatabase.txt on windows.

--Fixed long loading times when importing resource packs.

--Improved loading times when importing an old resource cache.

--Added a loading screen.

--Fixed a glitch where Waiting message not shown after joining a second game as Player.

--Reduced audio buffer size to improve latency (was increased during v14 debugging).

--Added missing "add to pack" button for Songs, removed for Phrases.

--Removed wayward "edit timbre" button from Phrase Editor.

--Added Ctrl-E to edit selected object or selected sprite layer.