Lots of great new stuff
by jasonrohrerWednesday, April 21, 2010 [2:44 am]

First of all, v14 came out as planned earlier this evening, complete with a brand new music editor. A full list of changes is below. PLEASE read the included Upgrading.txt file if you are upgrading from v13.

Next, Shannon Galvin has been working hard on some very cool stuff for the game. Get the the details here:

Finally, three great user-submitted stories have been selected and posted here:

Shannon's work and the material used in these stories is all available as resource packs in the download area.

Changes in v14:

--Fixed memory allocation bug in unique IDs.

--Fixed code to be 64-bit clean.

--Fixed bug in adding resources to a picker stack when that stack is visible.

--Fixed crash when undoing back to default object in Object editor.

--Fixed flip book sizing and distortion issues when screen is not 640x480

--Overhauled music editor, making it much more powerful.

--Fixed bug in selection of previously colored but erased sprite areas.

--Improved transparency toggle tool tip in Object editor.

--Added Ctrl-W to close editors.

--Added Alt-Enter to leave fullscreen mode (as work-around for lack of working
alt-tab behavior on the Mac).

--Added an import directory to make upgrading easier.

--Made UPNP messages more clear.

--Cleared external address if going back to hosting a local game.

--Added per-layer additive blend mode (for glowing objects).

--Search results with same name are now shown in newest-first order.

--Intel-specific build on the Mac.