The Story of v14
by jasonrohrerSaturday, April 17, 2010 [1:16 am]

I was really hoping to have v14 done before this weekend. But after staying up until 4:45am last night and then getting up at 7:30am this morning and working all day... well, I need to rest.

I can blame the wise guy (literally) who suggested that I overhaul the music editor. I'm glad that I listened, because it's turning into a really cool music editor. Here's a peek:


It allows you to do almost anything you'd want to do, but in a modular, layered fashion that matches the rest of the game's design. Build phrases out of notes, then lay them out into parts and assign timbres to them. Tweak the scale used by the whole piece, adjust speed. Phrases, timbres, scales, and whole songs are first-class, searchable objects with their own pickers. Much more powerful than the original music editor, but still retaining the property that you can throw almost anything in there and still have it sound pretty good.

Also, your music from v13 is not lost---what used to be a whole song now becomes a phrase in the new system, so you can build with your old melodies. In other words, the tone matrix lives on, but as a small part of a larger system.

The bottom line is that I'm extending my personal deadline until Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 8pm New York Time. v14 will be in your hands by then for sure.

And that wouldn't be fair if I didn't extend your deadline too. You now have until Midnight on Monday to create and submit an amazing story. For the heroic people who submitted before the first deadline, thank you! Your entries will still be counted, and you're welcome to submit more stories with the extra time if you want.